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Because a piece of gum told me to

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"hey do you wanna get food, i’ll pay"


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Grow a whole fucking cabbage in the time it takes to do that.

Without a Judeo-Christian moral code in its society, Japanese scientists decide to play god.

this is a food sample. food samples are handmade FAKE food created for advertisement photography and display - all those pictures of delicious hamburgers in mcdonald’s ads & menus aren’t actual hamburgers they are fake ass food samples.

He’s pouring hot wax into cold water to form the fake food. which is actually very cool because it takes mad skill. do 62,000 people actually believe you can pour some magical liquid into water and create cabbage. this is why americans are so fat we can’t even distinguish wax cabbage from actual vegetables.

I’m laughing so hard right now!

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"There’s something about you, something so wonderfully wicked and terribly sexy. The very mention of your name arouses me."

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I don’t care how many times it’s been on my blog already, I will ALWAYS reblog this.

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I don’t even know how to start any of this….I feel like I’ve lost control over everything in my life. People always tell me how much fun it looks like I’m having, how I inspire them to be better, how I always looks so happy. Truth is I am not happy at all….. it wasn’t until the passing of a friend happened recently when I realized how truly upset I am. I’ve been living a lie & it got to a point where I believed it myself. 

I was the girl in high school that everyone looked up too at least so they told me. They saw me doing BIG things with my life, people thought I would be the first to really get my career, first to get married & have a family….but now I’m the last. I feel like I’ve ruined my life & I don’t understand how I let this happen. I had my whole life figured out & yeah I understand that shit happens & sometimes it’s just out of your control but how could I have let it get this far. 

More then anything I feel like the last 4 years where the biggest let down of my life. I feel like I did absolutely nothing with that & feel like a complete failure. I’ve had 2 friends pass in the last 2 years & it makes me realize that life can come to an end with just a blink of an eye. If I were to leave this earth what would I be remembered for? The girl who didn’t finish high school….the girl who wasted her life chasing a boy who only played her in the end„,the girl who did nothing with herself? I’ve always put others before myself & I’ve always been there and pushed them to make them better…it’s who I’ve been but I can’t seem to push myself & I lie about myself to others to make them believe I don’t need anything…

I need everything…..I need a hug, a sweet embrace, a chest to let my tears land on for no other reason but because I can’t hide this anymore. I need a mother who won’t criticize my life and judge me on my past but will just tell me things will be okay. I need someone to see past this bullshit lie I have going on and just embrace me & tell me to let go. Push me to be better…to love me as hard I can love….I need someone to call on at 3 in the morning and cry to if I need them. I need a way out of all of this…..more then anything I need myself again…

Trust me…I have my best friends that mean the world to me & i know they care but ever since I was small I’ve learned to keep EVERYTHING bottled up….they don’t know this Yoly..they’ve never seen the girl behind the keyboard, makeup smeared, who is crying herself sleep every night, who deep down inside hates herself to the core.I need love but how can anyone love me when I don’t love myself…

None of this probably makes sense & honestly I don’t care if it does..I don’t want people to feel sorry for me shit I hate when people constantly have pity parties for themselves…I just had to write & let my tears flow. I can’t keep this bottled up inside anymore because it’s literally tearing me apart & only making me fall in a deeper hole that I can’t get out of. I feel like I’m at the end like I’m giving up….I feel like I’ve just lost all control.